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Most dentists understand the importance of blogging; it’s a great way to connect with your patients, inform them, and communicate confidence and credibility.

The only problem; it takes a lot of time. We understand this, and that’s why we have created Trust Builder for Dentists.

ListPipe Trust Builder for Dentists is a content subscription service. We create professional dentistry-related custom content that is engaging and informative, and post it to your site each week.

  • Professionally-written content produced by U.S.-based subject matter experts.
  • Informative articles designed to entertain, educate, and engage.
  • Posted once each week to your blog.
  • Customized content, including references to your practice, geography, and contact information.
  • Each article includes an engaging headline, relevant image, internal links to your site, and contact information.
  • We do all the work: research, writing, posting.
  • You have ultimate control to reject, edit, or add to any content.

Trust Builder Content Subscription

Start building trust in five minutes.
  • One post each week.
  • Post to your WordPress blog, PHP website, or to a new blog we host for you.
  • Automated social sharing built in; Facebook and Twitter.
  • Domain Mapping allows you to add a new blog to your existing domain.
  • Control Panel access to all features and content.
  • Notification email every time we post.
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ListPipe Trust Builder Content For Dentistry

“I already have a blog.”

Great! We can deliver our outstanding trust builder content to your existing blog. If you have a WordPress site; it’s even easier with our instant plugin. If you have an advanced site, we can connect with an easy-to-install web service, or we can help you connect with our content service in many other ways.

“I need a blog.”

We can get you set up with your own custom blog as part of our content subscription service. It only takes five minutes to start your subscription, and we’ll provide your new content with a new home at no extra charge.

If you want a fully custom site with your new blog content, we can help with that, too. Take a look at our surprisingly reasonable prices on creating a new custom site for your new content subscription.

Modernize Your Website With Mobile

Modernize your website with mobile compatibility for more reach.

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Website Modernizer

We can help you create the ultimate dental practice website, optimize for advanced SEO, and help you measure and maintain your performance. Scroll down to learn more…


Modern and Mobile
  • Responsive design optimized for mobile
  • Modern Home Page that contains: Full-width Header, 3 Service Features, 4 Service Callouts, Call Now Banner, and Contact Us Form
  • Custom About Page
  • 3 Service Features Pages
  • Blog Page
  • Contact Us Page
  • Social sharing links on every page
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Premium Plus

Ultimately Modern
  • Responsive design optimized for mobile
  • Modern Home Page that contains: Full-width Slider with 5 Slides, 3 Service Features, 12 Service Callouts, Call Now Banner, Map, and Contact Us Form
  • Custom About Page
  • 12 Service Features Pages
  • Blog Page
  • Contact Us Page
  • Special Offers Page
  • Social sharing links on every page
  • Google Analytics integration
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