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– Kirk Peery, Consultant

Kirk Peery

Kirk Peery

Dental Consultant

Kirk Peery, founder of Dental Practical Solutions, has provided dental professionals with strategic analysis and practical advice for over 27 years.

With management experience originating in 1984, Kirk has since assisted hundreds of dentists in reaching their business goals. He has researched, designed, and refined the science of building an exceptional dental practice based on effective protocols, efficient job descriptions, regular analysis, and targeted training.

He is a lecturing member of the Practice Valuation Study Group, a national study group of 110 members dedicated to standardizing and improving professional practice valuations, as well as a founding and former member of the prestigious American Dental Sales organization. He has lectured at the AACPA annual meetings. He has served as the executive vice president of the NAPB (National Association of Practice Brokers. He started Genesis Dental building six dental practices with annual sales of 5.5 million dollars. And founded, built and sold The Horizon Dental Group of 7 practice located in Utah and Nevada. Kirk, is the founding member of Professional Resource Systems (appraisals, brokerage, and consulting services of dental practices), and PinPoint, an e-monitoring software system for dental practices.

Since 1997, Kirk has also been the owner of several successful dental practices. Using his expertise in dental practice management and the training of staff personnel, The practices have enjoyed increases in gross revenues of 55% to 70%.

Kirk and his wife Karen have three children and ten grandchildren.


Associates Degree from Utah Valley University 1967, and Bachelor of Sciences from Brigham Young University 1969. Majored in Electrical Engineering and minored and Mechanical Engineering. Additional classes in Finance and Management from University of Phoenix