Is your dental practice website up to modern standards? If it isn’t, you are likely missing out on localized search traffic, and direct calling traffic.

Did you know that 88 percent of consumers who perform a local search for services are doing it on a smart phone? If your site isn’t modernized for mobile, you are missing out on traffic that could add to your bottom line.

Here is our list of 15 things your dental practice website should have to compete effectively in the mobile age. Let us know if we can help you modernize your site; our prices are very reasonable, and our custom content subscription can help you get an extra boost.

15 Things Your Modern Dental Practice Website Must Have:

  1. Clickable phone number displayed prominently on the site.
    1. 88 percent of consumers conducting local searches for services use a smartphone. Single-tap calling is essential to capture new and existing patients who are interested in making a call immediately. Without tappable phone numbers, patients are required to take extra steps to memorize, copy, or write down your number. Requiring extra steps reduces action by over 60 percent.
  2. Mobile-compatible framework.
    1. If your site framework lacks a mobile interface, you risk losing interest if visitors have to scroll to find the information they are looking for.
  3. Active Blog.
    1. Search engines prefer sites that are frequently updated. A static site is a dead site, and a blog is the easiest way to keep your site active.
  4.  Relevant and informative articles.
    1. Posting relevant and informative articles about dentistry is the single easiest method for developing patient trust and demonstrating a progressive practice that stays abreast of the latest developments in dentistry.
  5. Address.
    1. According to Google, 50 percent of consumers search for the address to a business. Don’t leave your patients wandering; give them a map-compatible address that they can click or share with a single tap.
  6. Coupon/offer.
    1. One of the most reliable ways to convert a search inquiry to action is to provide a compelling offer. At the bottom of each blog post, add an offer that encourages patients to call for more information or make an appointment.
  7. List of services.
    1. Listing your primary services in a clear and simple page allows your patients to quickly see what options are available to them at your practice. Be sure to list your featured and most-requested services.
  8. Frequent posting to Facebook and Twitter.
    1. Not only is it important to maintain regular contact with your Facebook page, but search engines also give ‘extra-credit’ for social references to your site. Posting links to your latest blog articles will extend the reach of your articles and alert search engines to new content.
  9. About page.
    1. Your About page is the perfect place to establish a personal relationship with prospective patients. Include a friendly photograph and highlight your education, specialized training, experience, and achievements, including those outside of work.
  10. Team page.
    1. Introducing your staff members provides two main benefits: First, it shows your team that you value them, which helps reduce turnover and encourages unity. Second, it helps your patients feel comfortable when they come in for their appointment because they will see familiar faces.
  11. Testimonials.
    1. One of the most powerful methods for creating and maintaining trust is to include testimonials from previous patients. When patients describe their experience in their own words, it carries more weight than an endorsement generated by a marketing company. Solicit testimonials from your patients often; ask them to write them down or text them to you, and feature them prominently on your site.
  12. Contact form.
    1. A contact form, rather than a simple email reference, indicates formality to your patients and implies that there is a real person reviewing the contact requests. It is important that a specifically-designated staff member watches for incoming inquiries and responds promptly.
  13. Subscription options for content.
    1. An easy way to create a larger list of friends, followers, and advocates is to provide a method for ongoing communication. Enabling subscriptions to your blog is a quick and simple way to keep your patients engaged and educated about relevant topics to generate and maintain interest.
  14. Google Analytics.
    1. Accountability is the single most important way to make your site provide a return on your investment. Measuring and adjusting is the hallmark of a good site, and watching your analytics will tell you exactly what needs to be done, and when.
  15. Pay Per Click Advertising
    1. Pay Per Click advertising is the quickest way to get to the top of targeted search results. This is a great way to give your new site a kick start, and alerts local searchers that you are in the area.